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Future projects

Asha kiran believes in consistent development to have an efficient growth. We plan to construct a staff quarters to our employees and a compound wall around our premises. We also plan to provide solar lighting facilities and use advanced machinery in our kitchen. An amusement park for our students is also a part of our future project plan. Philanthropists may come forward to adopt our visually impaired child for their overall development of during the stay in our institution. The expenses are around Rs.1,000 per child per month. Donors may contribute Rs. 10,000 every year to a particular child as adoption expenditure.

Donors can also contribute for the following: (Cost in Estimated.)

  • (1) Construction of 24 quarters for our staff- Rs.10 Lakh per Quatres
  • (2) Construction of compound wall around our site -310 mtrs- Rs. 16 lakhs.
  • (3) For painting once in 3 years- Rs. 2 lakhs.
  • (4) Purchase of 12 tables, 20 chairs- Rs. 1.60 lakhs.
  • (5) Purchase of boilers, water purifier and other appliances for a modern kitchen- Rs. 1.5lakhs.
  • (6) Purchase of JK card sheets for making notes in Braille Script and printing of Braille books - Rs.1.5 lakhs/Year.
  • (7) Uniform for 100 students - Rs. 50,000/-(per year) (8) Maintenance of motors, computers, UPS - Rs. 50,000/-(per year)
  • (9) Purchase of Braille books, Braille equipments and sports equipments- Rs. 45,000/-(Per Year)
  • (10) Purchase of gas cylinders.- Rs.35,000/-(9 months)
  • (11) Purchase of toiletries for children- Rs. 20,000/-(per year)
  • (12) Construction of Gober Gas Plant for cooking and lighting Purpose.- Rs. 10 Lakh
  • (13) Monthly food expenditure for 100 Visually Impaired children.- Rs. 75,000
  • (14) 4 Temproray staff salary per month- Rs. 60,000/-
  • (15) Sports meets and other function's expenditere per year- Rs. 3-4 Lakhs.
  • (16) Goods Auto and one motor bike for school and hostel purpose.- Rs. 3 Lakhs.
  • (17) Uniforms for 100 V.I children.-Rs. 1 Lakh/-(Per Year)
  • (18) Construction of Ramp and 3 New class rooms.- Rs. 20 Lakh.
  • (19) Contengency expenditure.(Electrical, Water, Telephone, Post and other stationary Bills)- Rs.3 Lakhs/-(Per Year)